In vacation planning as in life, the devil is in the details. Let me help make your stay in beautiful Puerto Morelos carefree and comfortable! I’m a Mexican-American who came to Puerto Morelos for a week-long vacation in February of 2015, and fell in love with the town and a Mexican single father (that would be Chef Marco!) and his two kids. Long story short, I got engaged on the spot, returned to my hometown of Portland, Oregon and handed in my resignation as an immigration paralegal, sold all my worldly possessions, and seven months later I was a full time Portomorolense (Puerto Morelan) homemaker. A couple months after that, our little catering venture was born, and I had no time for culture shock as our business grew and grew! Part of our success? The fact that dealing with someone, in English!, who answers their emails or other inquiries promptly, is just unique in this part of the world. I’m a stickler for detail, and clear and friendly communication; I’m happy to help with any questions you have about the area, from safety concerns, to if you should bring bug spray (YES, always yes), to if you can get ginger beer at the local grocery store. The main secret to our success though? Our unique business model of connecting you to the freshest, most delicious food of your stay, in the intimacy of your temporary home in Puerto Morelos, for the same price or less than you would pay going out. I hope you’ll give us a try when you’re in town!

Please contact me at +52 (998)109-1312,, or via Facebook: Doña Sonia & Chef Marco