Cooking Lessons at your Condo With Chef Marco

Cozy and Fun Cooking Classes

Spend a few hours learning some new skills or honing your old ones, without even having to get out of your bathing suit! While some cooking classes are heavy on history and the exotic, our classes focus on learning to make delicious Mexican food you will actually prepare back home when your vacation is over. You’ll learn to make salsas and sauces, appetizers and main dishes; the menu will depend on the season and what strikes Marco’s fancy (or yours!). Or, you can choose from some suggested menu options here. We will bring our own equipment if your rental kitchen doesn’t have all the basics. Classes run 2.5 – 3 hours, and you of course get to consume your creations at the end. English spoken.

$70 per person, includes the cost of the ingredients (minimum number of students 4 per class)

$85 with alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, margaritas or sangria)

(If your rental is too small or doesn’t have a kitchen at all, we can usually ask the fine folks at Casa Caribe to borrow their nice, big, kitchen! The cost of teaching the class there is $75 per person.