Sabrina – The Last Angel

This little angel was one of 3 siblings (who I dubbed Charlie’s Angels) we picked up in October 2018. She had an interested adopter in Canada in February, but sadly, she ended up having a genetic defect that required reconstructive knee surgery. We raised funds and she had the surgery on March 30, 2019. For those of your who are blessedly unfamiliar with post-operative care for this procedure, she must be absolutely quiet for at least a month after the surgery, and then if all goes well, physical therapy can begin. All in all, it’s at least a three-month recovery time. So Sonia is currently living with Sabrina at another house, where it is so boring she can’t even be tempted to jump or play. But don’t think she still doesn’t want to; it’s a challenge to keep this little hopper from doing her thing, and she really misses all of her playmates at the family house. Marco and I have to coordinate times of walking the dogs, lest we run into each other and the chaos that would ensue would surely ruin the surgery.

Xena Warrior Princess

A neighbor found this senior survivor blindly rummaging through the trash on March 19, 2019. She picked her up, gave her a bath and took her to the vet for a check up, teeth cleaning and spaying. Having five rescue dogs, big ones, already, I offered to take charge of Xena’s destiny; in fact, I had a friend in Portland who was interested in adopting her! Unfortunately, Xena tested positive for heartworm, which is an expensive, three-month treatment. She started the first phase of treatment (heavy antibiotics) on April 6th, and will be able to get the actual heartworm shot in June. But here’s the deal: after she gets the shot, she has to stay as still (again with the staying still!) as possible; if not, too many of the worms could detach from the wall of her heart at once, and cause a blockage of the artery. She is a VERY active little lady; they think she’s 10 years-old, but she initiates play with our puppies that are 1/10th her age or less (including Sabrina! Which I have to discourage, of course)! So hopefully Sabrina will be ready for her forever home around the time Xena gets her first shot, because this princess is going to be hard to keep down.

El Alebrije, née He-Man, aka El Guapo

Marco noticed this magical creature stumbling around the neighborhood of our tortillería in the early hours of Saturday, April 13, 2019.  He texted me soon after “You’re going to kill me”, and then the first photo. But, after seeing the picture (and being a lover of small, funny-looking dogs) how could I get mad at him? At first I thought he must be some Chinese Crested/Chihuahua mix. Or maybe a mini Xoloitzcuincle, a Mexican Hairless. But we were way off base: the vet tells us he is…a Yorkie??? His skin condition was not mange, but it turns out it’s hard to test for these things in our little town with no lab. So we went with the most likely treatment: daily baths with a medicated shampoo with chlorhexadine (an antibacterial). But that dried out his skin even worse. So, now he gets coconut oil massaged into his skin daily and a bath with the nasty stuff only every third day. He also has an ulcer on one cornea that’s not quite healed up, so he gets drops for that every morning.

Marco originally dubbed him He-Man (to go along with the Xena motif), but then he said “Alebrije“, and it was like “Yeah, that’s the one!” Al (or Brije) spends most of the day curled up sleeping in dark, quiet places in the house; he’s obviously been through a lot. And the kicker? That makes me want to kick someone? I heard from someone with authority that Al HAS OWNERS. That he had been rescued previously, in terrible condition, and just when he was fixed up and ready to be adopted out, these “owners” had shown up and suckered the rescuer into giving him back. They claimed that he had escaped the house, and they’d been so worried about him. And here we are again. So part of me just hopes these idiots will show up demanding him back; I haven’t gotten to read someone the Riot Act (and in Spanish!) in awhile, could be fun.