They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in our case it was Marco Antonio’s culinary talents that helped conquer Doña Sonia’s corazón! With a background in culinary and cocktail arts and the restaurant business, plus years of cooking for his two children as a single parent, Marco Antonio really knows his way around the cocina AND the cantina!

Originally from Mexico City, Marco fled that mega metropolis after college to travel around the country and learn about its rich culinary heritage from native chefs in many different regions. He spent eight months cooking local meats (read raccoon, skunk, deer, armadillo and snakes) for a highway construction crew in the middle-of-nowhere, Chiapas. After that, he spent time traveling all over the republic, poking his friendly nose into locals’ kitchens and asking them to teach him their recipes. With an Associate’s Degree in Hospitality and Culinary Arts, plus a Master’s Degree in Education, Marco’s skill set is the perfect blend of formal training and authentic home cooking experience. Besides his passion for cooking and feeding people, he is an American football fanatic, having played himself from age 10 through college! He is currently volunteer coaching his very own flag football team, The Mapaches of Puerto Morelos.