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If you spend any time here at all, you will hear about the poor conditions of street animals, and animals that have owners that don’t have the resources or the love to care for them properly. Although not as deplorable as other parts of the world, it’s pretty terrible. There are many good people working to change these conditions, and I’m told they have made great strides in the number of street animals in the last decade. But there is still so much suffering.  We started adopting cats in November 2015, and dogs in January 2017. Then, last May, we began our journey in fostering.


The White Sisters came into our lives when we had offered to spay and neuter a litter of the neighbor’s kittens. They were not part of the litter, but rather the neighbor had brought them from an acquaintance who was letting them live in their backyard with their feral mother. They couldn’t be spayed since they were so tiny and malnourished, had terrible diarrhea, and were infested with fleas. One also had an awful eye infection. There was no way we could let just send them back to that situation! And thus, they became our first fosters. It took us two and a half months to get them healthy, and as fate would have it, Diane Curtis (of Cause4Paws PM) connected me with Street Dog Hero, a fantastic rescue organization out of BEND, OREGON (I am a born and bred Portland girl)! While they specialize in dogs, they were able to coordinate flying the Sisters to a foster in Bend. As was my dream, they ended up being adopted together by a wonderful family that dotes on them as much as we did, and are living the high life in their log mansion in the PNW, which is basically like Disneyland for cats. I follow them on Instagram.


Still somewhat bereft from sending my Hermanas Blancas away, a neighbor told us we needed to find a home for this sweet little puppy up the street. I had been seeing him for months. His “owners” kept him outside, and he spent most of his time in the gutter. Then as he got older and bolder, he started to wander. I started seeing him at the park, across a busy street from where he lived. Then he started paying the neighbor’s dog, who was in heat, constant visits. Marco tried talking to the owners, but they were drunk and joked that they’d just give him the dog as a present. So we took that offer at face value. We had him neutered, dewormed, got all his vaccinations, and luckily, through Diane’s connections again, he got snapped up quickly by DIBS animal rescue out of Toronto

We had just three and a half weeks with Scruffy, but it was enough for him to steal our hearts. He was not used to being indoors, and the first couple days were tough; he spent most of his time at the door, waiting for a chance to break free. Then, it was a little nerve wracking walking him; he always wanted to go down “his” street, and I always made sure we went the opposite direction, lest his old owners see us and have a change of heart! But all in all, he adapted to family life pretty darn quickly. Sending him off at the airport was so hard; he was scared and mad at us, and my last moments with him were heartbreaking. But as soon as I got a video of him running free as the wind in a huge, green, fenced yard with his new brother (a Meximutt rescue from Playa del Carmen), it made it all worth it. Unfortunately, his adopters are not on social media, but I did get the picture of him on the sofa (below), where he looks pretty darn cozy.




Peque was dumped at our vet’s in April 2017. She was pregnant, extremely malnourished, and had advanced Parvo virus. Our kick-ass vet, Valeria Suárez, brought her back from the brink of death (the puppies had to be sacrificed; due to the Parvo, they would have been born with heart defects).