Tips for Travelers

Two things that can make your vacation less enjoyable: bug bites and sunburn! I don’t know how many of our clients have not brought bug spray or sunscreen thinking they’ll pick it up here; the options are much more limited, so I highly encourage you bring your own!

Bug spray – I’m one of those people that mosquitoes LOVE. You know, no one else in the group gets bitten, and you have 20 bites. Besides the potential to get sick with the Zika or Chikunguya virus or Dengue Fever,  I react like crazy to bug bites, so can be really miserable for a week. I have tried all sorts of natural remedies, and the only thing that works for me is DEET (30% and higher). I know, I know, it’s poison, it’s awful…but for me, it’s the only thing that has proven effective. I don’t apply it when I know I’ll be going into the water anywhere since I know it’s bad for the marine ecosystems, but if I’m out and about in the evening anywhere, I always carry some of these with me:

You will only find OFF! brand here, sometimes the Deep Woods variety that has 25% DEET, but the most ubiquitous variety is the 15% “Family Friendly” in the orange aerosol can. They say that the percentage of DEET is just indicative of the duration (i.e. 40% should protect you for 4 hours)…but the stuff in the orange can doesn’t protect me for even 10 minutes.

Sunscreen – Here at the local Chedraui, you will find big brands like Banana Boat as well as some local “Eco-friendly” stuff. It’s important to use the eco-friendly variety when you’re swimming.  I love Badger brand products, like this one:

I have never seen them in Mexico, so I always grab a tube when I can when I’m in the States. That being said, it lasts a long time.